Surfing Nuclear Boobs

My favorite nuke plant: San Onofre down in southern Orange County, CA. It is the giant boob reactor. The red lights on top even blink at night. Awesome.

Boobies! – The San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station

Plus, there’s an awesome surf break next door at San Onofre State Park. The water is definitely warmer than at other beaches nearby. Am I worried about radiation? No. Why not? Without getting into knitty-gritty physics details, the water that is inside the reactor core is separately contained from the other ocean-circulation water cooling system. The radioactive water only interacts with the ocean water in a negligible way, so no problemo.

san onofre surfer
The water is always warmer when boobs are nearby. Surf’s Up!

Despite the madness around the Fukushima nuclear disaster, world energy needs dictate that nuclear power is going to be around for a long time yet. It still pollutes less than coal, and we’ll figure out that radioactive waste problem in the future. Quit worrying yourself–really smart people are on top of it!